What You Can Expect From Us Apart from an excellent compensation/benefits package, contractors working for TrustedForce on small or large Federal engagements enjoy an unusually high level of attention paid to their career growth, educational opportunities and day-to-day job satisfaction. We place a high value on knowing and supporting the individuals for whom we are responsible; at TrustedForce, you are not a number. Our relationships are long-lasting and positive.

Our process for identifying and placing individuals on a Federal contract is modeled on many of the same principles that govern our Executive Search and Placement capability. Some of these include:
  • The applicability of your skill sets to a specific role
  • The well-roundedness of your background
  • The quality of your track record and references
  • Your communication and teamwork abilities
  • Your willingness to take ownership of tasks through successful completion
  • Your intellectual curiosity: desire to learn new skills and have new experiences
The interview process is a careful one. Typically, it begins with a phone screen that's designed for both parties to learn enough about one another and to move into a more intensive, face-to-face interview process.

The face-to-face interview process may involve a single meeting with TrustedForce or several separate interviews that might include our management, the management of one of our Partners, and even the Federal Contracting Officer's Technical Representative on a particular project.

Following a successful interview process, we will send you a written Offer of Employment for your review.