Our Approach The Partners at TrustedForce, all of whom were personally responsible at one point in their career for the successful management of large contractor teams on a Federal government site, believe strongly in the principle that by taking active care of the contractor's day-to-day job satisfaction the best results are achieved and morale is kept high.

A critical ingredient to a satisfied, productive team is derived from the quality of communication between the Government and TrustedForce. It is our belief that there is no substitute for time spent "on the ground" with the Contracting Officer and his or her Technical Representative. Making sure that the Government has regular access to TrustedForce management is necessary and critical to success. Whether it's the resolution of an existing problem, or preventing today's concern from becoming tomorrow's issue, or a technical or business goal where strategic input and coordinated planning is desired, we believe that by providing regular access to our leadership we not only achieve high levels of trust and responsiveness between the Government and TrustedForce, but a team of contractors that is well informed and well supported.

Our decision to place a contractor on the client site is the result of a careful interview process that pays close attention to the documented history of the contractor's performance, their reputation with past employers, their applicability to the role, and their ability to work well with others and drive successful team outcomes. This interview process, depending on the nature of the contract or task order, may involve an interview step between the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative and the candidate.

While most contractor assignments are highly successful, there is the occasional "miss." The speed and way in which personnel changes are handled by TrustedForce is a telling example of the emphasis we place on access and responsiveness. It is nearly always true that if one of our contractors is not meeting the requirements of a role, for whatever reason, we know about it long before it becomes a serious problem. Our commitment to the job satisfaction of each of our contractors is just as important as our commitment to the Federal Government's happiness. Therefore, we move as quickly as possible toward the correction of problem while making sure to treat both parties with the utmost care and respect.

Regardless of the size of the engagement, TrustedForce is an ideal Partner: responsive, accessible, competent, and trustworthy — with a history of outstanding references.