Based on your accomplishments, education, reputation, work history, and word-of-mouth, we may reach out to you on an unsolicited basis to discuss a specific opportunity. Or, you may be approaching our firm because you are interested in closing one professional chapter and opening the next. In either case, we begin the relationship by understanding whether we are a "right fit" for each other. Are you seeking a position in one of our practice areas? Do we agree that your desired career trajectory and financial ambitions are achievable? Are we going to be comfortable working together? If so, we move forward with an initial Partner's interview, conducted in person or over the phone.

Partner Interviews One of our Partners sets aside a block of time to assemble with you a very clear portrait of your career history, professional objectives, personal interests, etc. This step sets the foundation for creating high-probability opportunities. We go through a similar due-diligence process with our clients. It is our goal to make efficient use of everyone's time. This means understanding upfront, and in as much detail as possible, the characteristics of the candidate, the client and the opportunity.

References We never agree to market a candidate without careful and detailed reference checking. Past performance is an excellent indicator of future success and we like to hear from supervisors and/or colleagues about your accomplishments, skill sets, work ethic, and personality. We work with you to ensure that the reference process is conducted confidentially and meets the highest ethical standards.

Testing Depending on the type of opportunity, we support objective skill and behavior testing to validate a candidate's capabilities and/or round out the picture of their "work personality." This helps us create good client-candidate matches and often produces unexpected, interesting and rewarding placements. Responsibility for any associated costs falls to either TrustedForce or the client.

Interviewing Your TrustedForce Partner will spend time helping you prepare for the client interview process. If you are well-prepared and well-practiced, much of the nervousness associated with the interview experience dissolves and the strength of your personality and capabilities becomes clear and persuasive. We will stay in close contact with you before and after each interview to make sure that you understand the results (positive or negative) and to strengthen subsequent discussions that you may have.

Your New Position When we have successfully placed you in your new role, TrustedForce will continue to check in with you to make sure that the opportunity and work environment are unfolding "as advertised." Our interest in your success does not end with our receipt of a payment from the client. We stay in touch, and we maintain an active interest in your success and welfare.